Birth Preparation Classes

Most of these are co-taught with Karen Herriot, my lovely and talented doula/teaching partner.  Please see side-bar for upcoming dates.  Contact me for more information or to register for any of these classes.

COUPLES’ LABOUR PREP WORKSHOP –  2 hrs, Regina.  $50 / pregnant woman, including her birth partner(s).  
This class covers info not offered in any other local classes.  Join this intensive/refresher to help prepare your mind and body for labour, through tips, tales and practical stuff.  We will practise many labour positions and provide ideas for what the birth partner can do to help.  Learn about medical informed consent (and how to really get it ) so you both feel more control during the birth experience.
Topics include comfort measures that really work, practising positions for labour/birth, trying massage and comfort techniques, communicating effectively with each other and medical caregivers, strategies for avoiding unnecessary interventions.  We squeeze over 35 years of experience being doulas into a 2 hour session of fun and movement.

PRENATAL-IN-A-DAY - 6 hrs, Regina.  $135.

Do you have a full schedule or live out of town?  Is baby coming soon?  Would you like a refresher class?  The one-day condensed prenatal class is for you!  It’s loaded with the essentials of prenatal education.  Topics include signs of labour, stages of labour and what to do (including when to go to hospital), movement and positions, birth support, interventions, informed decision making, tips for a more comfortable and shorter labour.  Natural and medical options for pain control are discussed.

CREATING EFFECTIVE BIRTH PLANS – 90 minutes, Regina.  $40. 

We’ll discuss options for your care and standard procedures of mother-baby, so you can decide what’s important to you.  Learn how to write and arrange a clear wish-list.  Come and create a document that builds bridges with your care providers while helping you get what you want!

CHILDBIRTH PREP FOR MEN – 90 minutes, Regina.  $40. 

Do you want to be the ideal labour and birth partner?  This class focuses on the man's journey to parenthood. It's your birth too! Prepare for birth & early weeks of fatherhood. Explore options to support both your partner and yourself, tools to deal with unexpected situations that may arise, and contribute to a healthy relationship and family.

POSTPARTUM - SURVIVE & THRIVE! - 2 hrs, Regina.  $50 / pregnant woman, including her birth partner(s).  
The early days and weeks of parenthood can be challenging but there are many ways to make them easier.  Mother / baby-care is the primary focus, along with breastfeeding tips.  Warning signs will be covered, along with what you can do and when to seek medical advice.  Learn how to prepare for post-partum success, how to rest, sleep, and cope as a family.
PRENATAL WISDOM CLASSES – Childbirth Ed Series (10 hours over 5 weeks or 1 weekend), Regina.  $185.  Also available as a private class.  
Do you know that you have many choices in birth? 
This series explores options to prepare mentally & physically for a healthy pregnancy & birth, with a focus on pathways to natural childbirth. Pros and cons of interventions will be discussed.
Topics include labor & birth positions, nutrition, emotional support, breastfeeding, newborn care, holistic health options, natural pain management, and more… 

PRENATAL & POSTPARTUM YOGA CLASSES - taught in Regina by Karen Herriot  One is at Bodhi Tree Yoga in the Cathedral area.  See for current classes and times.  Register for a series or drop in for single classes anytime. 

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